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High Tech and Consulting Executive Search By Kathryn Ullrich and Associates ...Hiring Top Talent for Tomorrow's Growth!
Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. finds executive talent for high technology companies and consulting firms. The recruiting firm of Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. has experienced high-tech recruiting and executive search consultants for many Fortune 500 organizations. Ms. Ullrich and her team are retained search executives for organizations trying to find top-level talent in competitive markets.

Are you thinking about using an executive search consultant because...
You are having difficulty identifying the top A talent for your company?
Wondering if the candidates you are finding are the best for the job?

Maybe you are receiving so many applications but still not sure if you have the best-qualified candidates?

Let our experience as a Silicon Valley boutique executive recruiting firm guide you down the path of selecting the most qualified candidate(s) for your available positions.

Have you considered hiring an executive recruiter, but want the best results for the investment and a firm that truly understands your company and your needs? The Silicon Valley executive recruiting firm, Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc., combines the background of a large executive search firm with the dedication and efficiency of a small but nimble executive search firm.

The executive search firm of Kathryn Ullrich Associates, Inc. finds high potential, executive-level talent to meet your growing company's needs.

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