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Getting to the Top career development programs and tools for mid-career business professionals

Getting to the Top offers career development programs, webinars, individual career coaching, and a book (coming in late 2009), all geared toward MBA alumni and ambitious professionals looking for career advancement.

In today’s economy it is more important than ever that you take control of your own career. Similar to company pension funds transitioning to individually managed 401K’s, gone are the days of companies planning your career development. If you are lucky, you may work for a company that provides a leadership development program and/or succession planning. But for most individuals, you need to take control of your own career growth.

So how do you as a success-minded individual master the skills to ascend in your career to fulfill your highest ambitions? Step One is to figure out your goal(s). Step Two is to determine what skills are needed for this goal. That’s where Getting to the Top comes to play.

From three years of career development programs at Stanford Graduate School of Business and UCLA Anderson School of Management plus a decade of interviewing senior level executives, executive recruiter Kathryn Ullrich has compiled the skills required to reach the C-level and VP roles within functional disciplines including:

  • CEO, COO, General Manager, VP Marketing, VP Sales
  • VP Product Marketing/Product Management
  • VP Brand Management
  • VP Public Relations and Corporate Communications
  • VP Channels and Strategic Alliances
  • VP Business Development and Corporate Development, Chief Information Officer
  • VP Engineering
  • And more.

Come check out the Getting to the Top career resources available for you.

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